Angels in the Welcome to Hell universe are beings residing in Heaven and presumably under the jurisdiction of Providence. There are two types: human and original angels. The first is a form of deceased human and the second a similar but separate sort of being created before humans.[1]

Currently there are no angels in Welcome to Hell's formal media. Informally Erica Wester has revealed one: Jojo.


Physical appearanceEdit


Sketches of Jojo.

According to Word of God, human angels are similar to demons in general function as a human spirit. Drawing from this it is often assumed that they maintain their appearance from when they died, just as demons do, though whether or not this means they retain any fatal injury is not clear.

Original angels have not be presented within canon or through Word of God, though there has been no discourse to dispel the notion that they look physically similar to human angels, which suggests that they must appear close to the human form.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Their "touch logic" is probably different from demon touch logic, though similar. When necessary guardian angels can physically interact with their charges.[2] For original angels, any aspect of their interaction with the physical world is unknown.

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