Bird and Fish
BnF title

Title Bird and Fish
Runtime 11:01[1]
Bird and Fish is an animated short film by Ann Mendenhall and Stephanie Son, and is a graduation piece from the Kansas City Art Institute.


Two societies hover in one another’s skies, wherein one’s inverted is the other’s upright: the Dry, an overcast town populated by birdlike people, and the Watery, the underwater city of fish people. They are aware of each other, but avoid contact, and can be crossed only by way of a scissor lift platform with restricted access.

Bird, a mailman from the Dry, trudges through his repetitive daily life, unmotivated, rule-abiding and without ambition. He is one day tasked with the job that nobody wants: delivering a parcel to the Watery. Reluctantly, he delivers the box to Fish, an airheaded but friendly resident of the Watery with a passion for airplanes. Fish invites Bird to help him with his dream project of building a working aircraft. Intrigued by his new acquaintance, Bird accepts, and he continually returns to the Watery to spend time with him.

But how far would you go for someone that matters to you? Would you turn the whole world upside-down?[2]

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