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Homicidal twink

The original image.

Cute homicidal twink takes it hard from gloomy blonde is a phrase originating from Tumblr user plantdew (previously scarvs), a member of the Welcome to Hell fandom. In June of 2013[1] they posted a screenshot (presumably from a porn synopsis) of the phrase with no other text in the w2h tag on Tumblr. real-faker reblogged it on 13 June, 2013 and facetiously added "... Okay that's it, I'm changing the official synopsis",[2] which is in line with the general fandom attitude that it reflects Sock Sowachowski and Jonathan Combs respectively in a relationship, and results in one of Sock's popular nicknames: "homicidal twink".

In September[3] and October[4] of 2013 they brought it up again, the latter post in which they ask to "never let it die".


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