Demons in Erica Wester's Welcome to Hell universe are postmortem humans[1] residing in Hell. Many of them are Sinnergy employees.


Physical appearanceEdit


"I don’t know if Actual Spooky Demon Sock would ever happen in [a] theoretical [Welcome to Hell] series," Wester says. "He still looks too cute to be a threat..."[2]

Demons maintain their appearance from time of death: clothing, body, cause of death (like fatal injuries), et cetera. As with Sock Sowachowski, this manifests in his usual clothing (hat, shirt, skirt, etc.) and the "spooky hole" in his abdomen. There might be some some body modification that comes with rank or time spent in Hell, as with "Demon of the Month" Tom glimpsed in the background of the tenth page of the comic, who has horns on his head[3] and a heavily demonized out-of-canon promotional art of Sock by Erica Wester.[4]

Body modificationEdit

An incentive to improve quality of job performance for demons might be a variety of more traditional demonic characteristics and body modifications such as wings.[5] Wester shares that if Sock were to succeed in convincing Jonathan to commit suicide, Sock would gain some unspecified "cool upgrade" (wings and shapeshifting are suggested). Performing smaller tasks or cashing in on a technicality would also potentially earn him minor abilities.[6]


Demons have a limited amount of capabilities in the physical realm, especially when it comes to physical contact (see Touch logic below). They can "float" and there is no apparent pull of gravity unless they allow it. Eating is also something they cannot do.[7] Salt might have an effect on demons, though at most it would be "hilariously inconveniencing". In regards to Sock as a demonic spirit, Wester says, "... maybe it’s the only thing he’s actually able to taste. Or he has the undead equivalent of high blood pressure."[8]

If they had some sort of body modification (see Body modification above) it is assumed that the modification would grant some advanced ability.

As for the mock-physical needs of the demon body, Wester answered an ask through welcometohellfilm concerning Sock's (and any demon's) ability to sleep. He can "be at peace for short periods of time" and "feel fairly rested", but as far as actual sleep goes, it is not something demons are capable of.[9]

Touch logicEdit


Sock passing through a physical object, Jonathan's fridge interior.

A highly contentious portion of a demon's capabilities revolve around projected "touch logic", the mechanics governing their level of interaction with physical objects and beings. Demonstrated by the demon Sock Sowachowski in the Welcome to Hell animated short film, demons can pass through objects with no apparent effort and in an intangible state turn translucent with a green aura, especially concentrated where their body phases through the object. Eight times Sock passes through objects and people in the short, and in the comic it was never introduced. Jonathan Combs has control over their corporeal interaction, whether conscious or unconscious,[10] but it is unknown if this is exclusive to their relationship as a demon and his counterpart or if applicable to all humans. He deliberately passes through Sock twice in the film: once through the legs[11] and once full body.[12] Wester suggests that a major portion of interaction is intent, since Sock can phase through Jonathan with intent and Jonathan will feel it, and Jonathan's intent ("non-aggressive"[10] as an example) will alter their physical interaction.[13] They are not shown touching at any point in the film, and most of the definitive portions of touch logic are Word of God.

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