Erica Wester
Erica Wester selfie zine 2015

Wester with a fanzine.

Biographical information
Birth name Erica Wester
Age 27
Date of Birth October 9th, 1988
Place of birth St. Louis, Missouri
Gender Female
Physical information
Residence Los Angeles, California[1]
Nationality American
Relationship information
Relations Jaime Wester (sister)
Education information
Alma Mater Kansas City Art Institute (BA)
Major Animation[2]
Occupation information
Employer ShadowMachine[3]
Ghost Satellite
Occupation(s) Animator
Years active 2015–present
Known for Creator of Welcome to Hell
Erica Wester is the creator of Welcome to Hell. Online, she usually goes by the screen name "real-faker". She is part of the animation collective and studio Ghost Satellite. Originally from St. Louis, Missouri, she currently resides in Los Angeles, California.


Wester starred in several of her classmate's thesis films, including The Kiss of Evil by Topher Hilberg and Phil the Phoenix by Trent Coffin.[4][5]

Welcome to HellEdit

Welcome to Hell was originally Wester's side project during her early college days. When it came time for her to start her senior thesis at Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), she decided to use the premise of Welcome to Hell.[citation needed] She won an Award of Excellence from Best Shorts Competition and was a semifinalist for NexTV Web Series & Indie Film Competition for the 2013 Welcome to Hell animated short film.[6][7] She intends to continue producing animated installations of Welcome to Hell as a part of Ghost Satellite.[8]



Wester from the Welcome to Hell kickstarter video.

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Wester graduated from the Kansas City Art Institute.[9]


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