Ghost Satellite
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Type Animation studio and collective
Industry Mass media and entertainment
Founded 2015
Headquarters Los Angeles, CA
Products Animated short films
Ghost Satellite is an American independent animation studio and collective that animates short films and regularly broadcasts their progress live on[1] The studio is based in Los Angeles, California, USA.


Ghost Satellite 3000 followers twitch group portrait square

Photo of Ghost Satellite members.


Ghost Animate broadcastsEdit


A portion of one of their typical live broadcasts.

The studio regularly broadcasts themselves working on animation live through They incorporate the questions of chat members pertaining to the animation process, a particular project, or themselves into the broadcast. After the broadcast, they clip together the most interesting parts into a compilation video that's later posted to YouTube.[1] The first broadcast was January 23, 2016.[3]


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Ghost satellite concept

Early logo concept by Yamamoto.

Ghost Satellite primarily uses TVPaint animation software, and occasionally Adobe Flash.[1] Each member has a variation of a Wacom Cintiq graphics tablet. To composite, they use Adobe After Effects and for the final edit, Adobe Premiere Pro software.[1]

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Ghost Satellite NSP stop mo physics

Members setting up components for a stop motion film.