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Hell is an afterlife

A pit of demons carrying out construction related activities in Hell.

in the Welcome to Hell universe. It is where all demons reside and is also home to a number of other beings, such as Cerberus. Sock Sowachowski finds himself in Hell after committing suicide.

Currently little knowledge about Hell is available, but it is implied in the Welcome to Hell short film that Mephistopheles presides over it and the companies it encompasses such as Sinnergy, LLC.[1][2]


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Nature of HellEdit


Mephistopheles demonstrating what a mess Hell is to Sock Sowachowski.

Hell is neither oriented up nor down. Hell in general is not actually under the surface of Earth, or under it at all. Heaven and Hell are set on different existential plains, therefore they are not above nor under the Earth, as some might speculate.[citation needed] It has an ambient green glow, presumably from Hellfire.[3]

In the Welcome to Hell webcomic, a couple physical views of Hell depict a green landscape with cliffs and gorges.[4][5]

Because Hell is under construction, parts of Hell's background disintegrate into the alpha channel checkerboard pattern. Wester says, "I thought since Mephistopheles is slightly self-aware, it’d be appropriate to make the backgrounds in Hell slightly self-aware too."[6][7]


Somewhere within Hell are Mephistopheles's office and The Hall of Crippling Phobias,[8][9] and also probably the headquarters of Sinnergy and Iblis, Corp.


Hell is mostly inhabited by demons. It is also home to Mephistopheles and different types of beasts, such as Cerberus.[citation needed]



Sock's first time in Mephistopheles' office.

Hell was not planned by Providence. It formed as Mephistopheles found company with the souls of humans who had committed atrocities that disallowed them from entrance into Heaven or another afterlife. Hell's population began small but grew exponentially as more humans were born and died. In response, Mephistopheles attempted to manage the accumulating souls, which eventually culminated into the state of Hell in the Welcome to Hell short film .[10]

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