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Jojo, shown in sticker form, from Erica Wester's Redbubble

Biographical information
Birth name Joane
Nickname(s) Jojo
Gender Female
Physical information
Status Deceased
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blonde
Relationship information
Affiliations Heaven
Magill Nancy
Series information
First appearance Welcome to Hell film
Other Concept character
Joane (pronounced like Jo-anne, silent e[1]) is a character in Erica Wester's Welcome to Hell universe, who has only appeared briefly in the beginning of the short as the little girl that Sock gives the dead squirrel to.

Concept and creation

Meant to be a sort of antithesis to Sock's charming demeanor, Joane is described as being "really feisty, competitive, bitter, sometimes violent" with a "major case of ulterior motives",[1][2] while ironically being an angel.

Joane, shown in concept sketches in Erica Wester's sketchbook


Much of Joane's original characterization has changed from initial concepts and is still very likely to change again, as much of her character is still in development.

Outward appearance

Jojo has pale skin, blonde hair, and light blue eyes. She commonly wears her hair in styled in pigtails, and in her character design sketches, she has a hat to go over them. In official art from Wester's Redbubble, she is often shown being barefoot.


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Young sock and joane

Young Sock, having just killed a squirrel, presents it to a young Joane.

She is one of Sock's (only[3]) childhood friends. Early concepts (now since changed) placed her as one of his victims in elementary school.[2] Recent information maintains that he "made her life miserable"[1] in an unspecified way, and that she seeks some measure of vengeance for this. She hopes to come closer to achieving retribution through being the guardian angel of Magill Nancy.

Abilities and skills

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  • "Joan", a Hebrew name, means "God is Gracious". [4] [5]

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