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Providence, as shown in concept sketches by Erica Wester.

Biographical information
Birth name Providence
Nickname(s) "She" (by Mephistopheles)
Physical information
Eye color Yellow
Hair color Purple
Relationship information
Affiliations Heaven
Series information
Mentioned Welcome to Hell film (by Mephistopheles)
Other Concept character
Providence is a character in Erica Wester's Welcome to Hell universe, who has not yet appeared in any of its formal media (the film or comic). She is the "She" Mephistopheles refers to in the short film.

Concept and creationEdit

Providence is the equivalent of the Welcome to Hell universe's concept of God. A deviation posted to Wester's deviantArt on March 26, 2009 shows that Providence was almost named Prudence (another Beatles reference), but it was kept as Providence. [1]


Outward appearanceEdit


Other concepts for Providence's appearance.

Providence has dark skin, yellow eyes (blue in earlier sketches), and has been shown in Erica's art to have a purple pixie cut (short hair), though she can change the appearance and length at will.[2] She also has large hoop earrings. 


Providence is cheery, energetic, spontaneous, and is also very creative.


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Abilities and skills Edit

Since Providence is shown to be like God,it should be assumed that she is an Ethereal Angel. Common powers of this type of angel include: Immortality,Invulnerability,Intangibility,Omnifarious,Possession,and Teleportation.


  • She has a thing for gingers. [3] 

    Providence from official merch from Wester's Redbubble shop