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Silver is Sock Sowachowski's dog in Erica Wester's Welcome to Hell universe. It does not appear in any formal media.[1] Ideas surrounding it are tentative.

Its name is a reference to "Maxwell's Silver Hammer", a song off The Beatles 1969 album Abbey Road, from which Sock's middle name, Maxwell, also comes.[2][3]

Though Sock would never harm Silver, it was "constantly nervous and edgy" around him, since its animal "sixth sense" could tell something about its owner was not quite right.[2]

Projections about its role in future canon mirror elements of Futurama's "Jurassic Bark". Sock had not thought about his dog in the stress of killing his parents, but once speaking with Mephistopheles about his pet cerberus realizes he has forgotten. Later he bothers his human counterpart Jonathan Combs into helping him find out what became of it.[2]