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Sock: "Plus, I've got this neat spooky hole! [...] Wanna stick something in it?"
Jonathan: "Eugh, kinda?"
Welcome to Hell, 6:47[src]
I got this neat spooky hole

"Plus, I've got this neat spooky hole!"

"Spooky hole" is a term for the large wound in Sock Sowachowski's torso. He refers to it as such in the Welcome to Hell animated short film. It was self-inflicted via his suicide and complying with the nature of demons remains a part of his metaphysical anatomy.

The spooky hole gives off a green glow around its dark red center. A fan has determined its location to be in or around his liver.[1]

The word comes from a sort of in-joke of Wester's about the thumb-holes either cut out of or included in hooded sweatshirts commonly worn by middle and high schoolers.[2] Including herself, at one point.[3]

Fans of Welcome to Hell might be referred to as "Spookyholes",[4][5] Spookyhole singularly. It was first sporadically used to refer to fans by Wester. When fans later sought an official fandom name she suggested it.[6]


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