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  • Pingnova

    Hello Welcome to Hell Wiki editors! It's been awhile. I've got a short update for everyone concerning fan content on this Wikia.

    In light of the recent announcement concerning Welcome to Hell's continuation, Welcome to Hell Wiki is re-dedicating itself becoming a comprehensive resource for WtH canon, information, and news.

    To best achieve this goal, the wiki will undergo a thorough "cleaning" of sorts, to combine pages, update them, delete or create them, move them to more appropriate wikis, etc. to ensure that visitors are greeted with a clear and simple resource. To maintain focus, we will be removing pages related to fan-created material.

    The administration of this wiki is in the process of moving the pages of original fan characters and relat…

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  • Pingnova

    I've enabled the Lab Features Chat (which allows real-time chat between editors) and Achievements, which gives you little motivational badges for editing milestones.

    Happy editing!

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  • Pingnova

    Info sources

    November 3, 2013 by Pingnova

    This is just as much for me as for others. Places where I find a lot of the info I reference are listed below. (I'll update more later...)

    Long list. Here's the whole official gallery.

    • YOUKILLEDME, old info on Joane
    • Jonathan bonathan bo bonathan, Jonathan and influences(?)
    • Collab with Jhess, Meph stuff
    • Falling, Prov n' Meph
    • Mephistopheles for some..., "I think... THINK... I'm going to call it Welcome to Hell" I've gone too deep
    • Playing Cards, Queen Meph huh
    • Sock and Jon sketches, Sock evolves like Pokemon
    • Mephistopheles--Villan Meme, I'm dying really loudly
    • DUMP PART THREE, erry body's in there somewhere in concept
    • call me Mephistopheles, lots of Meph stuff
    • Hellidays doodle, All-Purpose Hellfire really does exist
    • Killer in a Skirt, 2007 man
    • WHAT ARE YO…

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  • Pingnova

    Hey all! I created this wiki on 23 August, 2013, to collect info on one of my favorite short films/webcomics: Welcome to Hell! Any and all help is appreciated.

    Happy editing!

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