Hello Welcome to Hell Wiki editors! It's been awhile. I've got a short update for everyone concerning fan content on this Wikia.

In light of the recent announcement concerning Welcome to Hell's continuation, Welcome to Hell Wiki is re-dedicating itself becoming a comprehensive resource for WtH canon, information, and news.

To best achieve this goal, the wiki will undergo a thorough "cleaning" of sorts, to combine pages, update them, delete or create them, move them to more appropriate wikis, etc. to ensure that visitors are greeted with a clear and simple resource. To maintain focus, we will be removing pages related to fan-created material.

The administration of this wiki is in the process of moving the pages of original fan characters and related material to the new Welcome to Hell Fanon Wiki, which is completely focused on documenting and sharing fan material.

Once the page is moved it will be deleted from this wiki. Editors who maintained those pages are advised to check out the Fanon Wiki and continue their work there. Pages pertaining to fan-created material created after this post will be deleted rather than moved, so make sure to keep all fandom content on the Fanon Wiki.

Thank you, editors, for your dedication to this wiki (and Welcome to Hell)! I'm excited to watch the wiki grow and mature with you all.

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