Welcome to Hell

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Title Welcome to Hell
Acronyms W2H, WtH, WtoH
Directed by Erica Wester
Genre Buddy, black, and character-centric comedy
Starring Ann Mendenhall
Neil Morrissey
Doug Hudson
Kait Robrock

Jade Petersen
Arthur Vinicius
Bruno Sant'Anna
Elisa Sigrid

Studios Bucket Monkey Online Studios
Release date(s) 15 May, 2013 (premiere)
2 June, 2013 (online)[1]

18 March, 2017 (premiere in Brazil)
19 March, 2017 (online in Brazil)

Runtime 9:46
Language(s) English
Italian (dubbed)[2]
Spanish (subtitles)[3]
Russian (subtitles)[4]

Portuguese (dubbed)

Budget $3,126[5]
Welcome to Hell is a 2013 senior thesis short film by Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI) alumna Erica Wester.


An eccentric and unstable boy named Napoleon "Sock" Maxwell Sowachowski murders his parents on accident in his sleep and is sent to Hell. There he meets Mephistopheles, Hell's manager, who gives him a job as a demon, assigning him to an apathetic teenager by the name of Jonathan Combs. After that point, he tries to torment Jonathan to the point of suicide, but finds that the boy cares very little about his presence, considering Sock as a minor annoyance. Near the end of the film, Mephistopheles returns and informs a rambling Sock that there is no set deadline, and that it just has to happen eventually. After his departure, Sock, seemingly encouraged by his words, is last seen urging Jonathan to kill himself. The ending is rather ambiguous, as the film was created to set up a potential story rather than being self-contained.[6]

Official summariesEdit

A character-centric comedy about an unfortunately friendly demon and the apathetic highschooler he's supposed to be haunting.

—Welcome to Hell [HI-DEF Release][7]

After the accidental murder of his own parents, Sock, a genuinely sweet but somewhat unstable teen who struggles with homicidal tendencies, decides that his only way out is to commit suicide. Upon arrival in Hell he is not met with eternal torture and suffering, but with Mephistopheles, the amicable manager of the underworld, who instead makes him a job offer: Sock is to become a demon, charged with the task of haunting humans indefinitely in the hope of ultimately driving them to suicide. At first this seems like Sock’s dream job—a way he can finally act on his darker desires and have them be met with reward rather than consequence—but after meeting his first target, a disinterested, lonely, and apathetic highschooler named Jonathan, he finds that the job is not as easy as he’d hoped it would be. Sock’s unfortunately friendly demeanor proves to be a detriment, and as he attempts to haunt the unwavering Jonathan, he finds himself with another desire that just might be stronger… and just might have a consequence.

—Welcome to Hell, Dragon Con Independent Film Festival[8]


  • Ann Mendenhall as Napoleon "Sock" Maxwell Sowachowski, the protagonist and point of view character, a human turned demon tasked with haunting Jonathan Combs.
  • Doug Hudson as Jonathan Combs, Sock's human counterpart.
  • Neil Morrissey as Mephistopheles, the deity in charge of Hell, all demons, and Sock's original assignment as earthbound demon.
  • Kait Robrock as additional voices.
  • Jade Petersen as Napoleon "Sock" Maxwell Sowachowski (Portuguese version).
  • Arthur Vinicius as Jonathan Combs (Portuguese version).
  • Bruno Sant'Anna as Mephistopheles (Portuguese version).
  • Elisa Sigrid as additional voice (Portuguese version).


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Director Erica Wester
Cast Ann Mendenhall Neil Morrissey
Doug Hudson Kait Robrock
Bucket Monkey Online Studios
Anna J. M. Brown Melanie Duquesne
Liz Barber Julie Pawlik
Kim Salcido Jasmine Osler
Dana Ueda Angine Kyung Min Lee
Carson Bendel Ali L
Mallory Benjamin Teal Sather
Robyn Clarke Lily Boff
Stephanie Son Hannah Melto
Amber Skye Engelmann Amanda Cook
Amanda Freeman Christie Alvarino
Erin Kennedy
Background Elements Hannah Melto
Motion Comics Ann Mendenhall
Audio Technician Michael Nanna
Foley Consultant Ann Mendenhall
Source SFX Library
Music "Roberto's Tango" composed by Robert Carpenter
"I Will Never (Be Your Friend)" by Irish Stew of Sindidun
"I Will Never Be Your Friend (ukelele cover)" by Erica Wester
Function Name (Brazilian Information)
Voice Director Bruno Sant'Anna
Cast Jade Petersen Bruno Sant'Anna
Arthur Vinicius Elisa Sigrid
Brazilian Version

Sant'Anna Produções

Release and screeningsEdit

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Film screeningsEdit

Name Date Notes
KCAI Animation "Frame by Frame" Festival 17 May, 2013 premiere[9][10]
CinemaKC Animation Celebration 7 September, 2013 [11]
California International Film Festival July 2014 [12][13]
Dragon Con Independent Film Festival [14][15][16]
Name Date Notes
X1 - Natsu (Brazilian Event) 19 March, 2017 28

Other appearancesEdit

Name Type Date Notes
NexTV Entertainment Web series & indie film competition April 2013 [17][18][19][20][21][22]
Film-Com Packaging, financing and distribution market June 2014 [23][24][25][26]


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Awards and nominationsEdit

Award Category Name Date Outcome Notes
Best Shorts Competition Awards of Excellence
Erica Wester November 2013 Won [27]

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