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Welcome to Hell

An unfortunately friendly demon discovers that his new job, haunting and attempting to drive an apathetic highschooler to suicide, isn't as easy as he'd hoped it would be.

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Sock official art 1

Promo art of Sock by Erica Wester.

Napoleon Maxwell Sowachowski (commonly referred to as "Sock") is the main character in Erica Wester's short film and comic Welcome to Hell. Wester first began drawing Sock without a name, and when she asked friends for suggestions she eventually decided on "Sakuryu". He has endured several name changes. Formerly he has been Sakuryu (or Saku) and Kilroy Conrad. She later chose to Americanize his initial name into "Sock", which became short for Sowachowski. A possibly defunct explanation for how Sock comes from Sowachowski is that a childhood friend, likely Jojo, couldn't pronounce Sowachowski. Read more...
Photo: Sock contemplates earlier events at his family gravesite.

Sock contemplates earlier events at his family gravesite.

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  • Long strings of "yeahs" and cursing are what kept Neil Morrissey in character for Mephistopheles while recording lines for the first Welcome to Hell film.
  • Sock had a dog named Silver. Though Sock would never harm Silver, it was "constantly nervous and edgy" around him, since its animal "sixth sense" could tell something about its owner was not quite right.
  • It was Mephistopheles's voice actor, Neil Morrissey, who suggested that Sock sit in Jonathan's fridge, waiting for him to open it.
  • Mephistopheles was heavily influenced by the Lead Player from a performance of the musical Pippin Wester saw at her high school. He was even originally to perform a musical number in the first Welcome to Hell animated short film.

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She doesn't even offer dental. And I'm the bad guy?


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