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A statement regarding some ambiguous or undefined aspect of a work, the Word of God comes from someone considered to be the ultimate authority, such as the creator, director, or producer. Such edicts can even go against events as were broadcast, due to someone making a mistake. Can lead to Creative Differences.

On a similar note, the term Bible is sometimes used for the definitive guidelines for writing an episode of a TV series. Where a show might have a lot of details, there can sometimes be a book which contains rules about the show, backstory, forbidden interactions, etc. That book is referred to as the show's Bible.

Fans may look for the Word of God to settle Fanon disputes, but the Authority may have moved on and doesn't care to respond. In many cases the authority does not feel the need to respond; further pressure simply leads to suggestions that the fandom is misaimed and Viewers Are Morons.

Word of God and Welcome to HellEdit

Word of God is fairly common concerning Welcome to Hell. welcometohellfilm regularly answers fan inquiries pertaining to material not adressed in the animated short film or webcomic through Tumblr's native "ask" system (usually with a disclaimer along the lines of "I hadn't considered it yet"[1]) and occasionally engages in fandom meta discussion.[2] Joane, Providence, and Magill Nancy are all Word of God characters and common knowledge amongst the more avid Tumblr fanbase.

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