Zack Melto

Zack's only appearance during the short film

Biographical information
Birth name Zack Phineas Melto
Gender Male
Physical information
Height < 5' 8"[1]
Hair color Brown
Skin color White
Relationship information
Series information
First appearance Welcome to Hell short film
Zack Phineas Melto is a background character appearing in the Welcome to Hell short film. He is seen peeing in the bathroom during the montage, at the 6:50 mark.[2]


Not much about him is revealed due to his short amount of screen time. However, it is known that he participates in a sport that could earn him the letterman jacket he wears, he has brown hair, and that his last name is Melto.

Wester says that he is a "typical, bulky jock" who "probably has a history of picking on Jonathan".[3]

Fanon Edit

A colorist on the film, Hannah Melto, created a fanon personality for Zack. She says he's intuitive and "kinda dim and friendly like a dog [sic]". He has a crush on Jonathan Combs that makes him shy and awkward around the other boy.[4]


  • Zack's last name is a tribute to the aforementioned colorist.